Here are 20 questions to ask fitness trainers | Fit School Lesson 5

“I have lots of fitness questions… here’s what I’d ask fitness trainers…”

Call it fatigue and malaise. But after 15 years, I have heard so many questions about fitness that I have to stop the deluge.

I welcome every question, but I’ve heard many of them before.

It makes me think all of the questions you all ask fitness trainers aren’t being answered by the quality coaches out there.

Which means there are A LOT of questions, many coaches and fewer great coaches. While I count myself as a quality coach, I cannot help but feel a sense of “why?”

  • Why don’t folks know their target heart rates?
  • Why do people have bad shoulders and backs?
  • Why is it that there’s confusion about how much protein supplements to take?

Of all the questions to ask fitness trainers, most of them should be answered once and for all.

Fitness basics are a must.

Still, thousands of folks like you – the super competitive, the very active, the overweight and injured, the former (and future) college athletes – have some similar fitness questions.

Video Lesson #5 (Click to watch)

Next time you ask a fitness trainer basic questions, follow-up and notice if the advice is rooted in SCIENCE and/or what works for EVERYONE – not just you.

FORGET the idea that “no fitness program works for everyone” and that “I need one just for me.”


Because it’s not totally true. Great coaches do customize programs for YOUR GOALS, but largely, the ways to lose body fat and get strong are based in science. They’re based in WHAT WORKS for most.

And following the crowd, while never worthwhile in my opinion, gets old in fitness and life, going rouge and doing extreme diets and inane workout regimens get you nowhere too.

So, ask fitness trainers question which you know are based in science and/or experience only.

You’ll always start off in the right direction.

Then, you get focus the fight on those things which were holding you back, instead of depending on a system which bears little fruit if any.

Let’s get it!

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