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Johann Francis is a CSCS certified trainer and coach who used to retail nutrition supplements from his first fitness studio, Underdog Training, and Elite Training, both in San Jose starting in 2013.

Prior, he trained hundreds of clients and performed nutrition coaching with dozens.

The first time he performed a real, dedicated nutrition coaching session was in 2007 with a client (Jen Mo) who REFUSED to eat multiple times per day – “snack” – fearing it would increase her weight.


“Jen was a new mother, 28 years old, about 5’1″ and well over 150ish pounds – she was also a tad… intractable to say the least. So, I wrote out the reasons – a 3 page theorem – her metabolism suffered and how eating more food would NATURALLY CURB HER HUNGER. The result was 3 pound weight loss in that following week.”


After that, he serviced more and more people as he transitioned into one of San Jose’s first personal training “studios,” Elite Personal Training in 2008.

Along the way, every person who practiced within the 3 WEEK EXPERIENCE lost weight – even the most heavy.

Today, Underdog Training servies a diverse clientele including former D1 soccer players and very active folks who – though he has retired large-scale nutrition coaching – have practiced HABIT CHANGE.


“Gym Nutrition Coaching is about CHANGE. Habit change, process, thinking about your hunger and the reasons you’re training allow everyone the means to shift their habits. Remember, this is NOT A DIET, THIS IS NOT A QUICK-FIX, this is teaching folks to CHANGE!”

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