How to calculate calories for weight loss, for performance, for life.

“Coach, how many calories do I need…?”

Pros, this is easily, this is one of the most commonly unspoken queries of all your trainees. You can learn your trainees’ middle names and blood types before you ever address them regarding their BMR or BASE calories.

Their best BMR calculator, is you – quality coaches know how to ask one or two key questions and come up with a BASE calories recommendation on the fly.

how many calories do i need
Video Lesson #1 (Click above to watch)

Today, let’s count calories fast and calculate our BASE on the spot

  1. Know your trainee’s weight
  2. Know their age
  3. Know their activity frequency
    1. Know their fit level

That is all we need to determine if a 5’7″ woman who works out 4 times hard per week and weighs 150 pounds, needs to LOSE WEIGHT.

Can you determine her BASE Calories? (BMR)

It is a simple matter of using estimations which are varied based on “her” activity levels and (less-so) her age.

It’s true, BMR Calculations and Equations Exist

Consider these two BMR equations for a 44 year old man who is 5’7″ and 166 pounds:

Of course, these two equations require a calculator, many conversions and leave TONS of room for errors. Then, are not even accurate (though they do provide precision).


That is sub-par.

Check out the lecture for the better method, here.

As a result, for individuals we can simply multiply their weight by 10, or 11 and configure a weight gain or loss goal based on their activity.

This is a better, more realists way to calculate calories without confusion and inaccuracy!

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