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“FITNESS NUTRITION CERTIFICATION | Habit Change for Active & Athletes” course is approved for ceu’s by:

NCCPT 0.7 CEU’s | NASM 0.7 CEU’s | AFAA 7 CEU’s | NSCA 0.7 CEU’s

This Continuing Education Nutrition Certification is driven by interesting and challenging lecture, slides and questions. Narrated by Johann Francis, CSCS, this nutrition coaching course is designed for fitness professionals only. You can retake it twice and pass for $139.

Not just cheap personal training ceus, this class explores methods you will use the day you finish, instead of esoteric and flighty information.

We cover:

  • Sports Supplements
  • Every poignant diet and why they are compelling and different
  • The best ways to deliver calorie count to clients
  • Scope of practice for coaches versus dieticians
  • Intermittent fasting, snacking, and digital tracking methods
  • HABIT CHANGE models
  • Change theories like trans theoretical and cognitive approaches
  • Maslow’s change theory
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Basic structures of all macronutrients | the names of all micronutrients and basic functions
  • Build a huge menu for food substitutions for your clients
  • Weekly Averages for your clients to lose body fat
  • Charge more money for expertise
  • Breakdown nutrition labels quickly
  • Relapse and maintenance
  • Adding protein for mass
  • Near-degree level education
  • Helpful templates and handouts
  • The 3 Week Coaching Experience
  • MORE…

Students of this course are elite CHANGE AGENTS, those who inspire change.

Become one and earn your nutrition certification today!


Good Luck!


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